Now is the time to add color and texture to your landscaping and building projects. College Station is the home of All American Stone and Turf, your source for large stones, flagstone, tumbled stones, boulders and small stones. We have everything you need to add color and texture to your landscaping and building projects. Tumbled stone, flagstone, boulders, and other stones are perfect for building and landscaping . . . they can turn a ho-hum feature into something extraordinary. Flagstone can add a splash of color to a patio area and fieldstone will add a bit of texture to any project. Many homes and businesses in the College Station and Bryan area have been landscaped with our large stones, boulders and smaller rocks and stones.

spacerThere are many uses for large and small stones. They can be used to make:

•  retaining walls •  landscaping features •  stone walls
•  fireplaces •  waterfall features •  terraces
•  pathways •  steps •  garden features
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Look in grandpa's pasture . . . or along the bank of a stream . . . or most places in nature. What do you see? More than likely, Mother Nature planted some sort of stone, large or small, in the ground. You can duplicate that same look in your own landscape by strategically placing natural stones or boulders in visually stimulating areas and no one will be the wiser, except . . . maybe . . . Mother Nature.

Our selections of boulders and large stones are perfect to place in a garden or along the edge of a pool. Flagstone is perfect to lay along the side of a pool. Some areas in Bryan and College Station have drainage problems and bull rock makes a perfect liner to act as a bed to drain water. There is no end to ways you can use stone for landscaping and building purposes.

building stone

If you are thinking about remodeling a room in your house, don't settle for boring. Tumbled stone will add pizzazz to a floor, wall, shower and tub surrounds or a fireplace. Tumbled stone can come in the form of a block, tile, or slab. We have a wide variety of colors and shapes for your projects.

Any type of stone that comes from a quarry and is cut into thin, flat slabs is called flagstone. You will find that some flagstone is thicker than others, and that determines the cost of the stone. Depending on where the stone was quarried, it can come in a variety of colors. Use flagstone in pathways, around pool areas, in patios, or in the garden for a durable, natural look.

A large boulder in any landscape can serve as a beautiful centerpiece. But boulders need not be rock structures sitting all alone in a garden. They can also be used in retaining walls, rock gardens and waterfalls, just to name a few of their uses.
tumbled stone

How to select the one best suited for your project

When you arrive at the stone yard in College Station, you may be overwhelmed with the large variety and quantity of stones and rocks we keep in stock. The staff at All American Stone and Turf would be pleased to escort you around the stone yard and point out the differences between the vast variety of rocks and stones and help you make the best selection based on your building project.


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large and small stones
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